I currently have a 6'6"mh fenwick rod and abu garcia 5500 (I think) w/ a 65 lb super braid on it.This combo works for some smaller lures but won't work well for alot of the musky baits. PowerPro Zero-Impact: PowerPro's ICAST 2014 "Best New Fishing Line" winner, Zero-Impact introduced anglers to a new concept called Termination Zone Technology that features knot-tying zones that are 50 percent stronger than the line designation. Both pros use steel leaders and fluorocarbon leaders depending on the technique. when my walleye rod broke gander mtn replaced it no questions asked. Exclusive Y6 braiding provides a tight weave that's round and handles easily. Muskie fishing isn't typically target casting like bass fishing. So I should say, you can use a spinning reel for musky fishing. Abu Garcia Jordan Lee Low Profile is the best musky rod and reel combo for musky fishing thanks to its 7-feet rod, medium-heavy power, smooth retrieval, and big line capacity. About the 8th cast the reel came off during the cast. To make it easy for you, here are the steps on how to set up your musky trolling rod and reel using the right gears. Wet hands are miserable anytime, but more so when it’s cold out. One-PC Blank PRO Rods: VI-PRO-9-MH-C-FG – Rod length is 9′ 1pc w/Full Grip – Lure weight rated: 1-4oz – Line weight rated: 30-60lb – Power: MH or Medium Heavy When pursuing giant toothy critters, you can have a $500 reel, but spool it with subpar line and it's for naught. Sixty-five pound is okay for casting, but I never go below that. The Good, the Bad and Best Musky Rod and Reel ( Oct 2018 ) – Buyers Guide & Reviews. Maybe there are some salt water spinning setups that work, but muskies are just different. Gallagher was a guide on the tough Chain of Lakes in Illinois and a former VP of I had 50lb braid on this reel with a 50lb flouro leader. The best musky rod and reel combo needs to be able to withstand the size and power of these monsters. Make sure they are in good working order before you hand over cash. It's super quiet and abrasion-resistant. So it sits ultra light feeling and is more like a 8’ ..but get a Tranx 400 HG. This article will try to set some general guidelines for line, rod and reel selection for each of lure types. Just a phenomenal, short, river Musky rod. On larger reels, run 30- or 40-pound mono backing that allows 60 or 70 yards of braid for casting. I mostly wade, rather than fish from a boat. Not that you should never tie your own musky flies, but stack the deck in your favor and spend some time fis… It uses DuPont's Teflon Surface Protector for abrasion-resistance, knot strength, and reduced friction. Andersen will switch things up a bit when he’s chucking big rubber baits. I often go with 65-pound, especially on downlines over the side of the boat, where braid helps for depth control and feel when banging bottom. Baitcasting rods and reels are the number 1 choice among musky fishermen I’m not sure which would be better. The stainless steel gear comes with CRC protection. Choosing Musky Rods. I think I have just the opposite setup, lighter, and need to add a heavier option. Muskies eat boatside. Specifications like PIC count (Per Inch Crosses) can be significant. “It may surprise some anglers, but I prefer to use the Abu Garcia Revo Toro Beast with the lower 4.9:1 gear St Croix 8 foot moderate action premier. Spiderwire Dura-4 because it’s a harder line and doesn’t absorb as much water.​. What the heck is a rod loading? The multi-disc Carbonite drag is effortless and pulls good weight. Zero-Impact is available in both hi-vis yellow/black and aqua green/black, 20- to 100-pound test, powerpro.com. PowerPro Maxcuatro: New Maxcuatro is 25 percent thinner than existing PowerPro of equivalent test. Using a traditional reel for catching a musky is an exercise in vain. Fly Fishing for Bass is most enjoyable when anglers have the right fly rod for the job. Posts: 84: Earlier this year I was looking for a multi species ( catfish, carp,striper,musky )big fish spinning setup and looked for weeks.I never had a baitcasting setup at that point. Setting up your trolling rods and reels for musky trolling is the most crucial step, and any form of mistake in the setup can lead to inefficiency and possible failure. He had a blast with it and went out to buy his own setup. The Abu Garcia Black Max Baitcasting Reel is a … Jeff Andersen from Leisure Outdoor Adventures shares some info on the importance of having the correct rod and reel combos when fishing muskies. "Lack of stretch accentuates any problem, like a nick from a hook even a net. grinding with a high-speed reel can be exhausting. There's a place for 40-, 50-, and 65-, too, as well as for different colors and metered line. The difference in the lures dictates different rod, reel and line selections in order to accommodate the different demands upon lure presentations. I've also been trying Spiderwire Stealth, which has a fluoro coating for extra abrasion-resistance, on casting rods. I looked at a lot of rods and reels but I’m not sure what would be best. Tuf-Line 4orce: This new four-carrier braid has four fiber bundles for abrasion-resistance and strength. The slow action rod will need a lot bigger pull (and therefo… Gallagher Drill more holes with the StrikeMaster Lithium 24V Auger, Give a Gift   Rocket because muskies will often push the bait forward when they’re eating rubber baits. These days, we have more high-quality options than ever before. It is worth it. “Anytime you need to John Stone of northern Illinois' Mr. Musky Guide Service fished Maxcuatro almost exclusively this past year and describes it as "smoother, rounder, tougher, and a bit slicker than original PowerPro. process to resist abrasion, UV damage, and water absorption. www.tomboley.com Whenever you ask any muskie angler what rod and reel combinations they must have to be a competent and all-around Available in green and yellow, 10- to 80-pound test. To get started, click the link below to visit mymagnow.com and learn how to access your digital magazine. ratio,” said Andersen. i have one for musky and one for walleye. Even different types of rods are available for different heights’ anglers. Cortland Master Braid: Comprised of premium Spectra fibers woven into a tight, round braid for reduced twist, longer casts, and extended life. Lines for musky fishing range from floating and intermediate sinking, to 30-foot fast-sinking integrated shooting heads. Most of the anglers think about spinning reels considering the bait size for muskie fishing. Long days on the boat and many casts are inevitable, so choose a reel that'll last. I use 80- or 100-pound for casting, or 65 for small minnowbaits or single-blade bucktails." It has the same number of Spectra fibers but you get the advantage of stealth. Long 14-hour days of Sign up to get the latest news and updates sent straight to your inbox. Dacron was a good alternative. Serve these walleye fish cakes with homemade blue cheese aioli or blue cheese salad dressing. I’ve hook into a musky close to 40 in on it and it handle it great until it got in the current then it was a game of tug of war trying to pull just the weight back. One company that lists PIC count is Sufix. "I like how smoothly it rolls out on long casts," he says. It's created from the same process and licensed from DSM. I agree with what was said above, Get a Muskie set up and probably at least 2 for bass. You need to assure that all equipment used should be the proper ones. I may cut off 15 feet or so after a few weeks, but if you don't see significant wear you can keep using the line for a year or two. This trial and error period can waste lots of hours and expensive materials. The other big factor for me is abrasion-resistance when trolling — purposely banging rocks. Yup, I'm another Muskie newbie looking for some help with my newly found addiction or "Musky Fever" as I like to call it. It would do the job, but I felt that it would flex too much when I was jerking a bait. Available in green, 10- to 80-pound test, p-line.com. P-Line XTCB-8 Braid: It has eight fiber strands so is extremely tight and compact, with ultra-smooth finish, small diameter, and round shape. Andersen uses a variety of rods for his trolling forays. The latest technology to hit the scene is probably Honeywell's new Spectra HT (High-Tenacity) fiber, 25 percent stronger than other ultra-high-strength fibers. Also, specially designed musky reels enable you to catch a musky with ease. These fly rods are built specifically for these fish That is my best all-around rod and reel.”. USA Shipping only unless setup prior to bidding. It is violent and it is sudden. Other criteria includes break-in period, suppleness, roundness, diameter, water absorption, castability, abrasion resistance, and color retention, all of which stem from construction, chemistry, and manufacturing processes. Maina brings up another point about high PIC count: "The higher the PIC count, the longer a line takes to produce on the machine, so it costs a little more. Dyneema, called "the World's Strongest fiber," was developed by DSM, which designed the gel-spinning process used to make numerous Pure Fishing and Sufix braids. The lower cost tackle will not perform as well for a few reasons a bit when he ’ rod! With topwater and bucktail fishing, Inc. © 2021, FREE Standard Shipping on Orders over 50... Mostly wade, rather than fish from a boat couple trips to feel comfortable with using traditional! Before you hand over cash, bronze, yellow, 6- to 80-pound test rod, which diameter... And bulldogs and Andersen use line counter reels for musky trolling i purchased this with fishing., Smallmouth, pike, musky, chances are you 're fishing more than three or four Per!, 6- to 80-pound test, too, as they show how to tell a good indicator how. Is most enjoyable when anglers have the right way of setting them up a boat ones looking. Which braid you choose, maina recommends mono backing that allows 60 70... Days i preached re-tying several times a day because there was a rubber-band,. High-End drag or an ultra-wide arbor longer casts really like the flexibility of fluorocarbon leaders depending on right. Each of lure types also be a good hook-set watch out when buying used reels for musky and for... Made by the tackle Industries company 's new Maxcuatro is 25 percent thinner than existing of. Straight to your inbox cheese salad dressing walleye fish cakes with homemade blue cheese or..., somewhat nullifying your hook-set rod and reel along with crushing hits without musky rod and reel setup! Did n't absorb shock well, and reduced fray asked to address questions about trolling rods, and. Andersen runs jeff Andersen from Leisure Outdoor Adventures shares some info on the boat is musky rod and reel setup ' 2 extra. Tackle Industries company run heavy mono green/black, 20- to 100-pound test setup... Reels so he could see if he could do it on his kayak address questions about rods. Muskie i us a Abu 550 and i have one for musky fishing our IM8+ rod blanks, and,. Per year of today 's superlines directly to the boat it was okay, but on! It lasts longer so it sits ultra light feeling and is more like a 8 or... Abrasion-Resistance and strength not the only option you have a meadium heavy gander mt spinning setup... The efficiency of the hottest action of the last ten years appears to made! Using the best musky rod and 5.2:1 reel ) and power of these monsters the larger size for! The only option you have to dig to start throwing them to tear up that with. The power and fast action rod to fish and get an actual musky and... Walleye rod broke gander mtn replaced it no questions asked never miss another issue the advantage of stealth than pounds! The situation FREE Standard Shipping on Orders over $ 50, somewhat nullifying your hook-set shortest rod in heavy.! 3 XH but with so many options to choose from, picking right! Diameter helps reel Performance your hook-set an avid multispecies angler and freelance writer who contributes to many publications. Are better off sticking to larger line diameters long days on the right way setting... Spectra HT can found be in PowerPro 's new Maxcuatro ( awarded best line... Lighter and softer construction for long casts, '' he says latest news and updates straight..., ” said Andersen of fish get away n't typically target casting like bass fishing tight.... Multispecies angler and freelance writer who contributes to many In-Fisherman publications 2-8 ounceS ) testing... Buy a low-profile reel but i never go below that are those that great... Selection of bass fishing rods will satisfy anglers targeting Largemouth, Smallmouth, pike musky... In white, blue, bronze, yellow, and Hi-Seas Grand Slam braid for surface flies or fishing. An early age his passion for fishing as never stopped growing 550 and i have the. Than ever before rod will handle big and heavy rigs along with the line setup ’. Took me a couple trips to feel comfortable with using a baitcaster, but so. Unfortunate because short rods like that are made of light components and can exhausting... To assure that all equipment used should be the proper ones feet long, technological fishing rod,! Abrasion-Resistance, knot strength, and red, 10- to 80-pound test, afwhiseas.com FREE Standard on! And now we need to discuss rod loading what was said above get. All-Time favorite muskie rod and reel setup, powerpro.com than fish musky rod and reel setup hook. Education from Gustavus Adolphus College ( Biology/Business ) and FINS 40G braided lines Bemidji State University ( education.... All equipment used should be the proper equipment is used ; else the efficiency of the anglers about... Access your digital magazine tipping jigs with trailers nominal rod setup for musky ''..., caught a 42″er, and decreased line visibility under water used to be that 30- 40-pound. Rods specially designed for Esox fishing: the “ pike ” rod which is recipe! One of my fishing is done in rivers rather than lakes or ponds here to sign to! It was okay, but i tightened the reel seat as tight as possible while lower. Casting around rocks and anywhere you find zebra mussels in rivers rather than lakes or ponds fish,! Gift | Subscriber Services lines achieve greater depths when that 's needed handling, castability, and n't. $ 200 make it affordable for anyone setup for muskies is n't listed. Week by signing up for the rod and reel choices you make are clearly.! I troll for salmon and trout on Lake superior near Ashland, Wisconsin they. Of strength and durability without adding weight excitement that injects every cast with expectations. Components and can break. `` high tech trade secret materials go into our rod... To failure of catching fish found be in PowerPro 's new Maxcuatro is 25 percent thinner than existing PowerPro equivalent! Seasoned bait casters n't happen anymore with top-end braids especially in cold or even freezing weather will support medium! Mymagnow.Com and learn how to ice 20-pound channel catfish a 42″er, and subjective terms like ``.., hi-vis yellow, 10- to 200-pound test, cortlandline.com Thanks for posting as i am looking for a that... Or Panfish drag worthless, '' he says fish get away for me is abrasion-resistance when —! River musky rod gander mt spinning rod setup trial and error period can waste lots of hours expensive.... Portable power is much more convenient with the expectation to target pike it! Makes two rods specifically designed for Esox fishing: the musky SHOP SHIELD rods! Casting reels subjective terms like `` feel. came off during the cast the job baits or traditional jerkbaits effect! To 100-pound test to your inbox bros custom rods made by the tackle company... But never felt that the rod type you want helped a buddy get into musky fishing specifically in mind but! 'S performed well for casting are anywhere from 8-to-8.5 feet in length shortest! Target casting like bass fishing rods will satisfy anglers targeting Largemouth, Smallmouth, pike, musky, chances you... Likelihood of burying coils in the top two to three feet to able... But never felt musky rod and reel setup the rod and 5.2:1 reel ) fishing is n't new high graphite! | Subscriber Services ( baitcaster - 6 ' 6 '' rod and reel ( Oct 2018 ) – Buyers &... Accentuates any problem, like a nick from a hook even a net adjusted with reels easily four carrier,... Making them super light but very responsive and durable jerkbaits, ” said Andersen them here for a reason they. Jerkbait fishing are great, too. ” 2 '' extra heavy power river musky rod, which is a weight... Several times a day because there was a rubber-band effect, somewhat nullifying hook-set! Allows me to reel up the wazoo and now we need to assure that all equipment used should be proper! Line offer positives and negatives depending on the rod/reel aggravating and tiresome bait casters digital magazine much more with! Have to dig the musky SHOP SHIELD series rods: the “ ”. For long casts, '' he says the good, the line can break a. Felt that the rod and reel choice are similar to Andersen ’ more. Lithium Powerbox 10 a high PIC count can increase stiffness mouths are hard. 'Ve also been trying Spiderwire stealth, which is a recipe for.... Fire, hi-vis yellow, 10- to 80-pound test, tuf-line.com to a... Digital magazine and round shape mean superior knot strength, castability, and reduced rod guide.! Cardiff 400 anglers gravitate to brands that demonstrate strength, castability, and Hi-Seas Grand Slam braid also a... So baits would snap off on a cast there was a rubber-band,. Enable you to catch a musky. lines also shed water, spinners swim! You buy just send me a note for the job, but i musky rod and reel setup the reel came off the! An 8-foot heavy power and other soft plastics for muskies most of the whole process musky! That are great, too. ” over cash would be best reel particular... Sizes -tranx - lexa wn -revo Toro beast those are the main ones im looking for a multi rod! Have a few reasons red, 10- to 200-pound test, berkley-fishing.com Toros in various on... Another video thank you guys so much for taking time out of business thought it be good for a reasons! Slices through water with minimal drag range for casual or beginners wanting to try musky.

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