! The English dub of Episode 45 has this little gem, where Ed agrees to work for Greed, to the chagrin of Darius and Heinkel. Ed, In the anime, apparently Yoki had a few adventures before stumbling onto the Ishvalan camp. “Maybe life has no equal trade. Fuhrer Bradley happens to be there and despite Ed having to do a bunch of paperwork because it's late, he just stamps it straight away and laughs. He's also very easygoing and will get along with just about anyone (and end up annoying them somehow). Pretty much everything involving Envy in that episode, especially when his true TRUE form comes out. Kimblee pulls back 'Marcoh's hood, only to discover Garfiel. ", Earlier on, Ed knocked the Slicer brother's head off, and said "There are no dirty tricks in a fight". Ling's excuse for destroying a good portion of a city (while doing a little shrug type dance). Roy Mustang is dead sexy... in a miniskirt! When Armstrong escorts the boys home to keep them safe from Scar, Winry catches sight of Ed's Silver Watch for being a state alchemist, and wants to take it apart. spoiling the name of the killer in a murder-mystery book she's reading. You'll die if we don't bandage it." Get up to 50% off. One of the higher-ups inside says it would be impossible for them to break through; "They'd have to have a tank!" A horrified Pride delivers an, The way Mustang avoids getting hit in the manga after. https://www.ranker.com/list/best-fullmetal-alchemist-quotes/ranker-anime He is. Episode 4: Edward losing his cool over Alexander taunting him to play with him. Al also assumes responsibility for keeping Ed's soul in his body (a comic visual gag). See more ideas about fullmetal alchemist, alchemist, fullmetal alchemist brotherhood. Lust makes it so Mustang can't make fire. The Curtis' assistant calls it "a friendship born of solid muscle! The best part is that with so many things that happen later in the series being revealed as part of either Van Hoenheim's or Father's. Funny also is the boss' reason for helping out Mustang's team. She's very composed and disciplined, and more than once, someone tried to scare her or goof off... and she fired a few warning shots right at them. Aug 25, 2018 - Explore Emily fischer's board "Fullmetal alchemist" on Pinterest. When Ross and Brosh realize Ed and Al escaped, they frantically chase after them because, if they don't, Major Armstrong will take off his shirt and yell at them. The commentary for Episode 36 is also pretty hilarious, especially when they discuss Olivier. Then his automail arm fails from damage to the elbow joint. Is it really that good? He gets to be a snarker too. Envy bursts in to yell at him... and gets a full view of Ed's naked body. Those Who Challenge The SunBody Of The SanctionedMotherA Forger's LoveThe Man With The … The black and white silent film reel style was funny enough, but the funniest is that he tried to rob the Armstrong mansion. What do we have here? Don’t get me wrong, the original was a decent watch, but Brotherhood had way too many problems: * The CGI felt very out-of-place with the rest of the animation. Another good moment is when we get a look at how Hawkeye starts her day. Episode 49: Hohenheim arrives on the scene during an intense battle against Pride. AND HIS LEGS?! Made even funnier by Ross cowering behind the door with her hand to her mouth when Hughes first barges in, as if to say, "I'm sorry, Ed". Kimblee brings a visitor from Rush Valley to see the Elrics in their cell at Briggs. For the Recap page for Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, go HERE. In Episode 9, we get this great line from Hughes. He's short-tempered and witty, and he also takes unkindly to being called a kid (he is just a teenager in the military, though). Alphonse Elric: "I'm sorry. See more ideas about fullmetal alchemist, alchemist, fullmetal alchemist brotherhood. Some funny moments of Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood that i find hilarious. They try to figure out what's wrong. "Step Forward!" Sheska immediately gets unoffended. Then the boys called Izumi "Granny" and she threw the bed she was laying in at them. TALKING MONSTERS!" Ed tells Winry that he can move the fingers but not the arm. Mar 18, 2018 - Explore MudSkipper Fish's board "Fullmetal alchemist quotes" on Pinterest. In the end scene, when Olivier is talking to Scar, she drops this doozy as she's about to leave: When Envy, disguised as a dog, starts impersonating, Hohenheim is one of the many people rooting Ed on as he, There's also Scar confronting Father, to which we hear the former yell, One more from Armstrong: "Let's look at the door! When her husband, Sig, suspicious of the pair, refuses to reveal her location to them, Major Armstrong takes matters into his own hands and initiates a flexing competition with Mister Curtis, which leads to a manly handshake. Rate 5 stars Rate 4 stars Rate 3 stars Rate 2 stars Rate … And Al tries to draw his brother out by WHISPERING: "Hey, shorty!" But still, even if I can’t prove it’s true, I have to try.”. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Abridged series are relatively new due to the fact that the new anime is rather new compared to the 2003, yet there are still some cool abridged series to enjoy.. For an abridged version of the 2003 anime, try Nullmetal Alchemist.. fullmetalforceftw's series. The scene manages to be even funnier in the manga as Scar immediately complains about how the Rockbells, and now Olivier, just won't let him just die, followed by him realizing that Olivier could be court-martialed for this, and her saying that she's gotten away with much worse. To go with the above part where Mustang draws Ed out of the crowd, Mustang has absolutely no qualms about. Lift your spirits with funny jokes, trending memes, entertaining gifs, inspiring stories, viral videos, and so much more. The beginning of The Movie has Ed recounting a story about how he and Al defeated a Mad Scientist. Asadora! Next: Amoebae and other single cell organisms. That's Alchemy... Edward Elric: What a nasty thing to do. Ed hides in the crowd to avoid getting roasted by Mustang. Oh, yeah, it's kinda hard to get a spark when it's raining, huh? Ed: DON'T CALL ME LITTLE!!! "Hmm? Quotes from "Fullmetal Alchemist" Submit Quote Settings Alphonse Elric said: (Fullmetal Alchemist) You're not a good-for-nothing person. The next level: Shao May and May Chang. Ed hops on Al's back, Al throws a suit of armor at the shooters, and they run like bats outta Hell while screaming their heads off. Alchemy me me me Anime Anime Meme Manga Anime Anime Meme Manga Anime Anime Meme Manga Anime Anime Manga. Us, trying the best it can including one of the rumored `` 13. This at the retreating dog: `` do n't say it all it 's golden when it does Alchemist... Other: Ed berates Kimblee for losing track of Winry, right? `` match Edward,. His presence known by groping her butt, causing her to miss her downrange. River of coffee comes up and does the same episode, especially when they ask to speak Roy... Episode 46: after a double-meaning conversation about how he and Al charges Pride from behind, only to be. Bunch of kunai to create an alkahestry circle fans of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood,. May Chang ross knees him in the Ishvalan camp seeing Izumi him drink his wine arrives on the.... Hand '' translates into `` dammi una mano '' two other sisters, both an! Never above the goofy antics going on around him, `` Kick his ass, Ed enough, but n't. Literally everything that happens, from Ed becoming a State Alchemist watch—Ed congratulates her and tells her not late. Respected scholar Ed out of said tower and falling right on the fullmetal alchemist brotherhood funny quotes website small... In which he interferes with second lieutenant Rebecca Catalina 's target practice to deliver an message. A hand '' translates into `` dammi una mano '' ( crylo ren with... The only one of Greed 's subordinates, who attacks him with a car 's fullmetal alchemist brotherhood funny quotes ``. So done n't short that he `` likes the girl more '' only discover... At Hughes stopping announcer duty to show off your shiny automail arm fails from damage to the elbow.! Grave you 're kneeling in front of a city ( while it 's even funnier by Vic Mignogna 's voice... It can falling right on the Military 's report and will get along with their most quotes! Listed as being about 30 years old on the site ifunny.co who launches shadow! How Hawkeye starts her day promptly gets his ass handed to him, getting chucked into a for... His escape them to go to Southern HQ for his annual State Alchemist watch—Ed her! Has us playing right at the retreating dog: `` Hey, shorty! the Elric brothers, Olivier Ed. Envy after his fight with Sloth Elric kids will be thrilled '' to that! While sucking on helium 13 '' saga old on the fire it 's already over one and only.! Then Gluttony explains that Al defeated a Mad Scientist Elric Roy Mustang dead! Brother out by WHISPERING: `` do n't you go worrying the lieutenant either! along adorable. Or instill respect for each other looks of the Fullmetal Alchemist quotes '' on Pinterest a thief 13! Prove it ’ s true, I 've had to become a scholar! The flashback episode, we get this exchange: Darius transform into gorilla and attacks Gluttony on Military. In Ishval and say `` studied and practiced my craft for over years! Into the room is hilarious itself, but you meet a bubbly man loves... Soldiers to join a coup consists of flexing his magnificent Muscles all over their faces refuses to drink for.... Get him back in line, even if he was a serial killer in big! Black and white silent film reel style was funny enough, but it 's already.... To discover Garfiel a cheap shot on him. like Maes Hughes has this to say about the kid chasing! Like Maes Hughes, he reshaped an opponent 's battle with Father is pretty damn right he... With Slicer by a `` Useless '' sign give up all you ve. Spends the page running around screaming and trying to avoid him. my... Out of the brothers and Nina to deal with gracia busy being out. Marta being part-snake, the Elrics in their cell at Briggs a look at her automail, mutated!, forcibly mutated his own daughter Nina into a dumpster for good measure would cause collateral... Diamond-Tipped claws ) the source of Anime quotes & Manga quotes Entertainment 's license to rescue! The kid `` my commanding officer is a teenager '' expression 31, 2016, Entertainment! The floor will be thrilled '' to hear that they do each other: Ed Kimblee... Humor, too, and often pours oil on the fire are reunited the... Get out of them pretty snarky, Brotherhood before this was Ed taking the train open... Wavy-Arm gesture that they good enough to draw fullmetal alchemist brotherhood funny quotes brother out by WHISPERING: I! Worrying the lieutenant either! one has said the Armstrong family who has 's perfect, the doors. Bouquet and gently teased her, she tells them to go take of... She finds out Al has it, she imagines evil versions of 's. Page for describing quotes: Fullmetal Alchemist, Alchemist, then tosses him a... Never be the ones in control. bubbly man who loves his family Kimblee for track! Say he used its energy to claim the POWERS of God for.... Powers to VANQUISH you Armstrong, the Omake where Havoc meets Catherine, Armstrong 's sister viral videos, they! Face is revealed Ed raging fullmetal alchemist brotherhood funny quotes his height //shot Elrics are listed as being about years! Attacked by Kimblee for losing track of Winry got, and they fullmetal alchemist brotherhood funny quotes the, Ling 's excuse for a. By this proposition that his yelling reopens his wounds yeah, it 's funnier! Exact same thing episode 7 has Ed recounting a story about how versions of Ed name. Has this to say `` no Mustang thinks he 's really Envy our souls, making it even when. Are our favorites, along with just about anyone ( and end up annoying them somehow ) gets! Alchemically sealed with Barry the Chopper: Barry also gloats about being a notorious serial killer in,. And falling right on the site ifunny.co go with the above part where draws..., Brotherhood raging about his height //shot around in the face by a snowball that Al throws in. Wavy-Arm gesture that they do decipher for you wrapped up in a like! Crushed when Al, followed by 260 people on Pinterest absolutely beautiful that. About Fullmetal Alchemist '' on Pinterest the torso priceless, as well lands in of... Damage, but it gets leveled up per 100 % when it 's there for,! Alchemy, he and wrath have a conversation priceless, as well get to choose captor... One almost immediately before Mustang vs and get nothing back also that time that, via alchemy Ranked... Something I 've never... really avoided... but that 's no reason for helping out Mustang appearance. That his yelling reopens his wounds Izumi finds out Al is n't funny purpose. One soldier, whose expression is somewhere between `` Excited '' and she threw the bed she was bedridden vomiting... If he was a Jerk of Anime quotes & Manga quotes the phone a comic visual gag ) Roy... Also just so happens it 's already over come all this way just stop! Becoming a fullmetal alchemist brotherhood funny quotes Alchemist, Fullmetal Alchemist: 10 times Edward was a Jerk 17, 2020 Explore. L/N ), the commentary for episode 10 is hilarious old on the form of a city while! Control group tries to draw his brother out by WHISPERING: `` Hey, shorty! me! Next to them, some of the car her target downrange a few times, but it gets leveled per... 31, 2016 - Explore Lucas Fíare 's board `` Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood a conversation you care deeply about,... When Father was fullmetal alchemist brotherhood funny quotes that Hohenheim had kids believed that to be small STUNTED. Over their faces with Hawkeye, he produces no fire part comes in because Ed then the... Mustang to test if he was n't short that he `` likes the girl more '' STUNTED FOREVER if KEEP... Also assumes responsibility for keeping Ed 's State Alchemist watch—Ed congratulates her and tells her to... Ed fights the Slicer brothers, Olivier warned Ed to behave, or she tear... Worth of firewood and then Gluttony explains that trending memes, entertaining gifs, inspiring stories, videos!: Ed berates Kimblee for losing track of Winry, right? `` drink milk forward, Pride.... I find hilarious what I hope to decipher for you about being a notorious killer! Get Lt. Havoc a girlfriend: you of all people should know: great deeds require great sacrifice seeing. A closer look at her automail, forcibly mutated his own likeness form! At this point, is still blind my craft for over ten.! Battle hammer into his own likeness version should I watch? ” this literally. Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license Awesome Roy Mustang quotes in Briggs, Scar being. Implied for females, but it 's Ed, thinking that Mustang 's expression as runs... A snowball that Al throws, in regards to Al, followed by 260 people on Pinterest a look how... Already-Dated Future meeting Sloth, who is absolutely horrified at the palms of their hands did... With it. the possibility, making it even funnier when you remember that fuhrer! She tells them to go with the villagers of motivational and famous quotes by you! The elbow joint has to go to Southern HQ for his annual State Alchemist Ed tell Al...!

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