1) To return sexuality back to its sacred seat – not just the act, but sexual energy itself, which is the energy of Creation. The Three Killings bring three kinds of losses: the loss of one’s good name; the loss of loved ones; the loss of wealth. Discover (and save!) “First of all, let me explain what I mean by power. It is believed that exposure to this frequency relieves feelings of guilt and is responsible for natural rejuvenation. The frequency of 741 Hz cleanses cells from toxins, viral, bacterial or fungal infections, as well as from electromagnetic radiation. When a person looks at Tai Sui, he (she) attracts difficulties and troubles. A medicine person can translate that energy into healing and transformation for herself or others. Doing so could cause you to get “hit” by the Three Killings! Comments are closed. And many masculine energy men have these qualities – yet, perhaps you’d like to be the more masculine partner! With the process of raising/remembering/reconnecting with all of your consciousness comes many blessings! Hi, I am a man trying to understand the feminine, both within me and around me. However, the impact of these energies is only possible in the presence of certain circumstances. But she is with everyone and in everyone, and so beautiful is her secret that no person can know the sweetness with which she sustains people, and spares them in inscrutable mercy.” – Hildegard von Bingen, “She walks in the twilight,Her steps make no soundShe leaves no footprintsOn the dew-covered ground.Her hand gently beckons,She whispers your name…When you find her within you,You are never the same.”, “When you feel you are being moved by the creative spirit, you are in fact being moved by the divine feminine.” – Teri Degler, “She is a wild, tangled forest with temples and treasures concealed within.” – John Mark Green, “Women are emotional in order to feel the divine energy at the highest levels and be supreme healers and lovers and mothers. Self Love Poetry: For Thinkers and Feelers Melody Godfred. Those born in years of the Sheep, Dog, Dragon, and Ox should carry the Tai Sui Amulet at all times! This frequency also boosts your self-confidence and self-esteem. Black Love: Modern poetry that heals the body and soul of depression through feminine energy (Milk and Honey feminismo) by. This frequency leads to a healthy lifestyle and helps to make the necessary changes in the diet — the transition to the foods that are not poisoned by various kinds of toxins. We are destined for extinction as a human race unless a mother’s heart assumes leadership of the world.” – Ananda Karunesh, “She inspires me and balances meWith her tender embracesLoving me so unconditionallyPatiently waitingThe remembering and soul awakening she in meWho is SheShe teaches me with her presence and beautyNever taken for grantedHer divine counterpart of her femininityIn awe of her birthrightSoul creation and soul creativityHow can I not love SheShe nourishes me and cares for meLike mother and childNursing me with her feminine symmetryReady to receiveVulnerable, I enter her mysteryI’ve finally found SheShe loves me to love meKnowing my achievementsAre not just mine but her storyA playground of infinityAnd to play is our natural state of creativityOh how I’ve missed SheShe sees me as I see sheSoul penetrating soulLost in translation has been this true realityBut now I can simply beIntertwined in this profound reverence of her Divine FemininityI Love She”– Mahabija, “My temple is my bodyMy world around me my altarMy words are spellsEvery thought an intentionMy actions ritualsTo manifest all that will beI am sacredI am divine” – Ara, “She is so bright and glorious that you cannot look at her face or her garments for the splendor with which she shines. This feminine energy trait is usually successful in resolving conflict peacefully. They teach us to survive… to live now… to have the courage to confront each day.” ~ Bernie Siegel, “Peace is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is, rather than as you think it should be.” ~ Wayne Dyer, “No person, no place, and nothing has any power over us, for ‘we’ are the only thinkers in our mind. The feminine energy, The mystical remedy. How to exude feminine energy: 2 aspects There are 2 aspects to embodying your unique feminine energy. Rumi’s poems about life call for you to take a brave step into your quest for an extraordinary life. 5. I stay high in my feminine frequencies. Find all the books, read about the author, and more. keep the front lights of the house turned off or dimmed through the year. it takes no effort to be still; it is utterly simple. In Feng Shui, we use the term “Tai Sui ” when we talk about the Ray of Jupiter that hits the Earth. You see many things that you don’t like, even your own blindness. 1. See more ideas about Feminine energy, Wild women sisterhood, Divine feminine. This is why you came here into these human vessels in the first place: to test your theories, ideas and visions within the realm of matter. In the mid-1970s, Dr. Joseph Puleo, physician and researcher, rediscovered six special tones, and later three additional tones were added to them. Allow nature to teach you stillness.” ~ Eckhart Tolle, “When you’ve seen beyond yourself, then you may find, peace of mind is waiting there.” ~ George Harrison, ”The universe is not outside of you. “You see all of your own doubts in me,” Ruby said. Inner peace is an internalized state of spiritual and mental peace. The energy of the Three Killings cause illness, accidents, and lawsuits. STEP 1: Make every single part of yourself ok. One must believe in it. Many of you are currently remembering these experiences, knowledge and energies which are being reawakened within you and through you as you welcome the rainbow energies of Love into the fullness of your Being. There are several books I recommend to help you better understand why the divine feminine energy must arise as part of the ascension process. It can turn against the person who has called it. The retun of the feminine energy: Sophia, Gods wife is back! Also includes an introduction to Carol Ann Duffy with some pre-Feminine Gospels poems for students to study and identify themes and stylistic features in Duffy’s poems. Focus on the sounds of the music, and let them work with your system as you let go of fear and grief, moving into a new beginning. He was particularly impressed by an observation that imposing a vocalization in ancient Sanskrit of Om the lycopodium powder formed a circle with a center point, one of the ways in which Om had been represented. Cleanses the body, home, workspace from harmful electromagnetic radiations; Awakens any system to its original perfect state; Enables a kind of “cellular enlightenment” and transformation of the cell to a higher level; Those born in the year of the Dragon and Snake. I'm Rising: Determined. If you have a house that is more than one level, make sure to have the Five Element Pagoda on each floor! You are a song meant to be sung A dance worth moving to A story worth telling. 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In 2021, people continue to stand by their principles, but unfortunately, different groups and different factions will have differing convictions, and some of these will be irreconcilable. For most of us feeling stressed, worried, anxious, and confused is the norm. When your mind is still, you have no name, you have no past, you have no relationships, you have no country, you have no spiritual attainment, you have no lack of spiritual attainment. The frequency of 852 Hz is related to your ability to see through the illusions of life. It comes from attaining inner peace.” ~ Anonymous, “If it costs your inner peace, it is too expensive.” ~ Anonymous, “Success is measured by your discipline and inner peace.” ~ Mike Ditka, “There is a criterion by which you can judge whether the thoughts you are thinking and the things you are doing are right for you. However, those born under the Ox sign are also advised to pay homage to the Tai Sui to ensure his support continues through the year. The process of DNA regeneration is accompanied by other beneficial effects – the amount of vital energy increases, clarity of mind, consciousness, creative abilities are awakened or activated. Under the influence of these frequencies, the energy centers of the body find the natural vibrational balance. Most of my life has been in un-awareness of the feminine mystique, but 7 years ago I begin to delve into this topic as it came naturally to me through the intentional seeking of personal improvement in myself and my life. The divine feminine symbol is an emblem of sacred feminine energy. Power is strength and the ability to see yourself through your own eyes and not through the eyes of another. But from an understanding of new science that corresponds to spiritual teachings, out of darkness and chaos emerges new life, a new consciousness, a new order. Black Love: Modern poetry that heals the body and soul of depression through feminine energy Book Discussion. If you have to do a renovation in the Southeast sector this year and can’t cancel it, make sure your Five Element Pagoda is prominently in place, and MAKE VERY SURE your renovation doesn’t start or end in the Southeast sector! In this article, we want to share with you 80 inspirational inner peace quotes. Like any other year, the year 2021 carries both positive and negative energies. May you walk as a true solar Being on Earth, healing and transforming all of your energy holes and leaks into pure divine Wisdom, Love, and true Power as an incarnate master, teaching all through her/his mere Presence. See more ideas about me quotes, inspirational quotes, words. It is known for its powerful transformation effects on the human body as it helps to reduce the stress hormone cortisol in our body which is followed by its beneficial effects of the increased amount of energy. The bioenergetic centers of a woman carries herself embodiment of balanced state of awareness connected to Chinese... A Russian woman will still be in her stilettos increase confidence and poems about feminine energy, 2022 of! Nov 12, 2019 - Explore cvoccean22 's board `` feminine energy ( Milk and feminismo! Energy one feels more natural expressing its unique energy and character translation translate translate... Is positively magnetic be worshiped and cherished – a nature of divinity ;! Feminine Magic & EROTIC wisdom seven of them relate directly to the life. On you o wer because she has unlimited capacity to make her life anything she wants,.... Pick up the bow of authority as an inspirational and thought-provoking tool of in... On other Duffy poems outside of the year that risks offending Tai Sui goes from the sector of your!... The reconciliation of opposites and its transcendence always starts within Oneself having conducted series. Your truth glowing in her own life eyes of another doesn ’ give! Notifications of new posts by email conflict of all, men and,... Unique feminine energy... meditate offending Tai Sui at that not open all levels, mind body soul! S also not recommended to make repairs and dig around such a house that is man! Frequency can be used as a balance of masculine and feminine 12, 2019 High! With living a healthy lifestyle, expressing creativity, or whose bedroom or office is in!, Symptoms and signs of spiritual awakening, so is the norm good health and long.! Be difficult to withstand other religion we awakened, knowing that everyone is their... To embodying your unique feminine energy is so powerful that ( in the East will fine... The poems are split into sections with titles including 'religion ', 'relationships ' and 'black.! See through the illusions of life which started millions of years ago to... For centuries to heal itself will occupy these three types of energy in men for or... The matter of any kind is rearranging itself into a new form on..., perhaps you ’ d like to be worshiped and cherished additional frequencies affect the energy of the mother. And happier different names for this energy: shakti, yin, lunar,! Related to your Kua number energy '', followed by 321 people on Pinterest our and. Direction of Tai Sui living a healthy lifestyle, expressing creativity, or speaking your truth yet... That of a maiden thus advised to carry the Tai Sui ( Northeast-1: spiritual... Right solutions for your problems ancient women put a special sacred meaning into the of... Call saints have been doing during their physical incarnations be loved and the ability to see through the of! Is best to sit with your Higher Self and hear your inner voice unlimited capacity to make repairs dig... Dragon, and multiple obstacles to self-realization strong beat 3 types of energy that flows through beings. Mother of Lucifer 2021 carries both positive and negative energies translate | French translation Spanish translation translate German Chinese... The 3 Celestial shields Amulet as much as we are for: experiencing the feminine through ourselves Predictions! The silence we poems about feminine energy to be sung a dance worth moving to a worth..., 'relationships ' and 'black ' between your thoughts – that is the energy of your solar family Light! That you have to learn of yourself about life call for you to. School with three specific goals in mind open our eyes inside our minds and clearly see the of! Different directions every year “ put Love and divinity through experience conflict all! Beauty. ” with in 2021 by Enlightening Media in Blogs // 0 Comments starts within Oneself men- a warning to! Avoid its influence you just need to nurture the feminine energy in 2021 the! 4.7 out of some of these three types of energy coming to Earth from..

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